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   Inequality and Agrarian Crisis in Rural India

A talk by P. Sainath

Thursday September 28th 7:00pm

MIT #6-120

182 Memorial Drive,

Cambridge MA 02139

(Walkable from Kendall and Central T-stops)

P.Sainath, the winner of 2007 Magasaysay Award and former Rural affairs editor of The Hindu is here to talk about the agrarian crisis and the growing inequality in India.He was the first Indian to win the Magsaysay in that category in nearly 25 years (after R.K. Laxman). He was also the first reporter in the world to win Amnesty International’s Global Human Rights Journalism Prize in its inaugural year in 2000. Sainath’s work includes a series on the devastation of Indian agriculture by anti-farmer policies this past decade, which runs in The Hindu. Consisting of detailed reports from the households of landless labourers and marginal farmers across the country, the series has set the agenda for investigative rural reporting.

One of his hallmark projects, the People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI) was launched on Dec. 20, 2014.  The PARIwebsite ( is aimed at recording the everyday lives of everyday people; it hosts video, still photo, audio and text articles. The website is not-for-profit and free to view; techies, lawyers and accountants - are volunteers. The website hopes to grow by all the contributors - journalists, writers, film-makers, editors, translators, public participation. Anybody can send pictures, text articles, photo stories, films - as long as they fit PARI's mandate - 'the everyday lives of everyday people'. You can read up more about the website here:

Sainath’s full bio can be found below.

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