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Association for India’s Development, MIT & Boston  chapters 
Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia


People’s Archive of Rural India
The Everyday Lives of Everyday People
In conversation with P. Sainath


Sunday March 15th 2:00pm

 MIT E25-111
45 Carleton St.
Cambridge MA 02142

(Right outside Kendall T stop)


Association for India's Development (MIT & Boston Chapters), in collaboration with Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia invites you to a conversation with editor, writer, and rural reporter, P. Sainath. Sainath will introduce the People's Archive of Rural India (PARI), an online journal and archive, founded by him.

The PARI website ( is aimed at recording the everyday lives of everyday people; it hosts video, still photo, audio and text articles. The site was launched in December 2014.

The website is not-for-profit and free to view; all the contributors - journalists, writers, film-makers, editors, translators, techies, lawyers and accountants - are volunteers. The website hopes to grow by public participation. Anybody can send pictures, text articles, photo stories, films - as long as they fit PARI's mandate - 'the everyday lives of everyday people'.

PARI promo video
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