Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia

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The  Alliance  for a Secular and Democratic South Asia
and Boston-Chhalphal (Nepal)
   invites you to a screening with the director and producer Andrew Majewski of  
The Color of Water

*The facts about Nepalís Himalayan water resources, and the case against big dams*
Produced by Andrew Majewski, an independent documentary producer, in partnership with Nepali film maker Gopal Koirala
Saturday, June 16, 2012
4-231 MIT
This documentary examines the plans to build big dams in  Nepal  to export hydro-electricity to India It finds that the hidden long term cost is potentially disastrous for both countries.  The 45 minute screening will be followed by a discussion on greater regional cooperation for water management throughout South Asia, including the recently revived River Linking Project by  India .
Sponsors:  Alliance  for a Secular and Democratic South Asia 
and Boston-Chhalphal ( Nepal )